Sunday, March 2, 2014

Senran kagura Ikaruga griffon enterprises

This figure has quite a few quality issues.
Why is there a hair mold right down the middle of her head?

The bikini top is castoff-able.
however, it literally is a little plastic notch holding it together and will break easily.
Once you take it off, it is almost impossible to get back on.
Here is a tip, flip the front of the bikini top over and you will see two small holes.
I'm sure you can figure out what goes in there, after that the rear can be snapped together much easier.

Griffon Enterprises uses these black stands and chrome name plates for elegance.
However, they are made from the cheapest plastic crap and are disgraceful. 
Just give us a clear plastic stand that doesn't break.
This one literally broke the very first time I tried to get the figure off by 'pulling up'.

Overall, I cannot recommend this figure. 
As of now, there are quite a few different versions of Ikaruga to choose from.
You may want to check out Chara-ani's version or Vertex.

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