Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Ordinary Life Nichijou first impressions and review

Spring is a great season for Anime

So many new shows, so little time. Just looking at the list of upcoming and recently released anime is daunting. But as usual, with how fast the industry is moving forward, not all anime is worth watching right away. Finding those gems is part of what makes watching anime fun. 

That brings us to My Ordinary Life. Alot of people had high expectations of this show. It has all the classic themes for a great anime in the making. School life, Comedy, Strange occurrences and behavior. Sadly, most people would agree with me that the show is having a hard time taking off. I want this show to be good, I want to like it, I want it to be the thing that makes anime great. It's hard to live up to those expectations though. 

People compare this show to Azumanga daioh, School Rumble, or some other well known slice of life comedy series. We are talking about heavy hitters here. Famous shows that raised the bar or turned the wheels to set the current trends in anime we see today. So I am trying to be very open minded. As long as the show is entertaining I will be Ok with that. Regrettably, so far I have found it to be more on the boring side, partly because some of the settings are so abstract or unbelievable that I find it not entertaining. 

First of all, I love maid robos. To heart 2 has maid robos. Maid robos are awesome. Why in the world does this show have maid robos? And the scientist is a preschool child? Ehhh... I think someone is trying a little too hard to put everything in one pot. I love a good Japanese/Chinese curry. But that doesn't mean you should stick anything and everything in it. You need to think about what flavor you want to achieve and add ingredients that compliment that flavor.

Anyway, I don't want to bore you with the problems of the series, so let's move on. 

Episode 6 is Awesome!

I loved this episode. This is what they should have done from the beginning. Just keep it simple and realistic with absurd situations. Anytime you have a School Life comedy with lucha libre you know it's going to be an awesome event. The principal has mad skills and he needs them to bring stability to an insecure world. 

Death or Die!

Even the smallest challenges in life can be a serious matter. That is what everyday life is about. Living to the fullest! I am happy to see this show is going to push-on strong. Let's not write this series off yet and keep them near the top of our viewing roster and continue to support them our best. Less explosions and more exploring the thought patterns of the excellent characters and this show could be a gold mine of awesomeness.