Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mashiroiro Symphony Miu Amaha Volks figure

Mashiroiro Symphony is an Eroge made by Palette. The game was released a few years ago at the end of 2009 and a remake was recently done for the PSP which featured a new character, as most PSP remakes do. The anime aired at the end of 2011 and you can watch it right now on crunchyroll and anime network. 

Volks released garage kits of all 4 of the main characters - however, they can only be bought at special events and are long out of print. Sadly, this one here is a recast. I did not see myself buying non-official merchandise but as this figure is not for sale I'm not going to fuss too much over it. The quality is extremely high. The craftsmanship of the original Volks is in a class by itself and this recast and paint job clearly show the dedication to detail and beauty of the sculpt. 

Personally, my favorites are Airi and Sakuno... I want those so badly - but I will take Miu if that's what's available Coincidentally, the voice actress for Miu is the same one as Manaka from To heart 2.

If you have not watched the anime you should definitely give it a go if you don't mind a romance. It is actually decent compared to most of the other game to anime releases.

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