Monday, June 29, 2009

Completed my AMD gaming build

This past year has been a really great year to build your own computer. Well, the economy might not agree, however, computer tech has reached one of it's best price versus performance stages in a long while.
You can build a gaming rig now for under 500$ that would have cost you close to a thousand two years ago.

How is this possible you ask?! Because AMD has come back fighting hard. Yes, we were all worried just the other year about the state of affairs. The first edition quad cores by AMD were really bad, I do not deny this. But things have changed now. Not only that, but ATI is finally reclaiming the ground it lost over the last five or six years. The new HD 4000 series cards are all the rage.

I started building this computer over the past couple of months and I have been slowly adding parts and reached what I think is close to completion.

Parts list:
Gigabyte motherboard MA790GP-UD4H
AMD Phenom II X3 720 Processor
Kingston 1066 DDR2 memory
XFX radeon HD 4890 graphics card
HT Omega Striker sound card
LG Bluray/DVD drive
Corsair TX750w power supply
a total of three hard drives

Remember, if you are on a budget you do not have to purchase everything at once, you can always add things on later as well. So I bet you want to ask, "Potato, why did you add a Bluray drive to your computer?" Because someday... Off in the distant future... Perhaps... Anime will be released on Bluray... that does not suck... in North America...
I am gunning for my friends at Bandai. If there is any company in this world that just lives for the thrill of milking a franchise it is Bandai! And now that Haruhi was remastered into HD I have a feeling our friends are already hard at work drawing up some plans for the future!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rozen Maiden? Suigintou parts!

Kleid of the Zuerst Maiden!

Could we have here the start of a spin-off series Rozen Maiden Traumanfang? Probably not! But the dress is nice to have. You can get your own dress at Toys Logic for about 10$.

I thought the actual doll was going to be soft, but is rather hard and not very poseable. It's Ok, because she makes great parts!

Monday, March 16, 2009

To Heart 2 adplus OVA due at end of April

The newest To Heart 2 Ova should be out around April 24.

There will be a Special edition as usual which includes a short audio drama in a box set, but there will also be an excellent edition which will include a huggable pillow cover, I believe.

This episode should focus on Milfa and Silfa. Of course, I prefer Silfa since I like being abused by my maids.
Official Homepage

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What I think about World of Warcraft

So I've been playing World of Warcraft.

Never really got around to trying this game before so a friend of mine mailed it to me from the UK. We are on an EU server, Ghostlands. Started playing around the second week of January and got to level 80, which is the current end game, about the second week of February.

So what do I think about this game? Well, if you look at the picture on the left you can see there sure are a lot of buttons! I have been playing a cow who can turn into different animals.

What makes WoW a good game are two important features. The first one is you can play solo or you can play in a group. There is no waiting unless you want to wait. To access the best gear in the end game content you must play in a group, but that goes without saying. The second feature is the ability to respec your character for different jobs. That means you and your friends will never have to wait for someone to level a new character to fill a missing role in your parties. The days of looking for a healer or looking for a tank player are mostly over. (albeit, most of the random bad players all level hunter because it's easy! Just don't invite them! I'm kidding.)

The game does have a lot to offer but you can see that it is getting along in years. While I leveled most no one was in the older content. That is a shame because so many dungeons and areas are just wasted now. Everyone plays end game- and that's it.

One nice thing about WoW is that you can stop in a dungeon (called a raid) and pick up where you left off next time you come back. This makes it easier for average players but it really helps with the time contstraints of people having different life schedules. The raid resets itself once a week, so you have a full week to get everything done.

When WoW first came out I said to msyelf, "I don't want to play this." I did not like the day glow colors and I don't particularly like orcs and trolls, etc. Games like Ultima online never really appealed to me due to the, how should I put this? more grotesque fantasy style. However, WoW is clean and the game engine itself is really polished. If you like online games and have some friends I really recommend this. Once you get past the beginning pretense there is a lot to keep you busy for a long while.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Made of 100% imported parts.

Here we are at the Phoenix airport

Went on a ski trip over the holidays. Pretty fun.
While in transit stopped by a Jody Maroni's. If you like greasy food this is good. Definitely recommend it. They have them on the West coast.

On the way back home stopped in again while in transit but they had just closed before I arrived.

Hot dogs made from Kobe beef? Yep. Normally I am not impressed by such gimmicks as Kobe beef is quite readily available here in Dallas. However, this place is a good (not healthy) place to eat.