Monday, December 22, 2008

Dreamtech not so dreamy?

Kohsaka Tamaki Black maid version

I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking Wave's figure quality is all over the place. Anything made of soft rubber seems to get the dreamtech stamp. But rest assured, our wonderful Kohsaka Tamaki is 100% pure dream.

What makes this figure so special you ask? For starters, most dreamtech figures are made with a soft plastic/rubber. It is ply-able and feels nice to the touch. In fact this figure has more than one kind of material built into it; I'll expand on that in a minute. Secondly, the paint is high quality. The legs and shoes have had a nice pearly gloss added to them. The hair might have been cast in red material, I'm not positive though.

As I said this figure was made of many kinds of materials this is what I mean.
Wave puts it, "Feels so good! Soft material!"
Literally. Her chest is made of special soft rubber. NOT that I would know, of course!

I forget what you call this style undergarments? You can see support detail added on the zettai ryouiki.

One thing you may have noticed is that this figure is quite large. It is marked at 1/6th scale, but it might be a bit bigger. Kinda doesn't match with the Kotobukiya kits, but it kinda does. This is the only draw back as placing her next to other figures makes her look too big.

Now for a little maid fan service from Konomi.

The black maid version of Tamaki is actually a limited edition. Cost me a crazy premium trying to find it but I know of a few places you can order it reasonably now if you are looking for one.

Final thoughts:
Yes, this figure is well worth the high retail price. If you are looking for a To Heart figure to buy (that is relatively display safe) this is the one you want. Pink is readily available at most shops and true to the game series. The black will cost you a tad bit more.
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