Saturday, April 5, 2014

Love Live! Solo Live! collection Memorial Box II 2

Side A

 Side B



Includes a small book with character profiles
and all the song lyrics

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

μ's Best Album Best Live! collection Limited will be re-released this summer

now available for pre-order

Originally released in January 2013, over a year ago, the highly coveted limited edition box is scheduled for a reprinting during the next few months.

The pre-order deadline will be 7/9/2014.

Expect your favorite importer to start taking reservations towards the end of April.

 image by

The limited edition includes the μ's Best Album greatest hits release but is stored in a large display box includes a tote and can badge and space to store your other audio CDs.

image by maplestorm

The limited edition will cost around 80$.
However, if you do not want the shiny box, you can get the regular release for about 50$.

The μ's Best Album Best Live! collection is a 3 DISC set.
It includes 2 Audio CDs of the greatest hits and one Blu-ray which includes the FIRST FIVE animation releases.


[Disc 3] 僕らのLIVE 君とのLIFE (アニメーションショートフィルム)
[Disc 3] Snow halation (アニメーションショートフィルム)
[Disc 3] 夏色えがおで1,2,Jump! (アニメーションショートフィルム)
[Disc 3] もぎゅっと“love”で接近中! (アニメーションショートフィルム)
[Disc 3] Wonderful Rush (アニメーションショートフィルム)

There is one SIXTH animation not included that was released this past winter: Music S.T.A.R.T!!


Below, only the Best Album is included 
but there is space to hold the rest of your collection
13 other discs in total
Official Site in Japanese
ミューズベストアルバム ベストライブコレクション

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Senran kagura Ikaruga griffon enterprises

This figure has quite a few quality issues.
Why is there a hair mold right down the middle of her head?

The bikini top is castoff-able.
however, it literally is a little plastic notch holding it together and will break easily.
Once you take it off, it is almost impossible to get back on.
Here is a tip, flip the front of the bikini top over and you will see two small holes.
I'm sure you can figure out what goes in there, after that the rear can be snapped together much easier.

Griffon Enterprises uses these black stands and chrome name plates for elegance.
However, they are made from the cheapest plastic crap and are disgraceful. 
Just give us a clear plastic stand that doesn't break.
This one literally broke the very first time I tried to get the figure off by 'pulling up'.

Overall, I cannot recommend this figure. 
As of now, there are quite a few different versions of Ikaruga to choose from.
You may want to check out Chara-ani's version or Vertex.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live! is not over yet! Brand new season 2 starting in April 2014.
The anime will be released in America by NIS America. In case you do not know, Love Live! has been releasing music singles for some time now that include video footage not shown in the anime. Here are the previews released by Lantis on their official youtube channel. I also included some unofficial links, don't miss out!

If you are wondering where the recent bathing suit figures are coming from, it's from the 3rd single.

love live! μ's 6th single

love live! μ's 5th

unofficial full link

love live! μ's 4th single

unofficial full link

love live! μ's 3rd single

unofficial full link

love live! μ's 2nd single

unofficial full link

love live! μ's 1st single

unofficial full link

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Railgun S

shoop da woop
I'm a chargin' mah lazer

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mashiroiro Symphony Sena Airi Volks figure

hand painted though it's a recast
Volks does not sell it's figures outside of Japan and only at conventions
such a shame, oh well

Airi is my favorite character followed by Sakuno, the sister who wears the blue dress. What I like most about this series is the very beginning where they all first meet. The anime is good in regards that it tries to cover all the routes in the PC game. However, in america it was released as a down-scaled DVD so I recommend you not buy it. There is a PSP game you can buy and lots of other official merchandise.

different angle
瀬名 愛理

Friday, April 19, 2013