Monday, December 30, 2013

Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live! is not over yet! Brand new season 2 starting in April 2014.
The anime will be released in America by NIS America. In case you do not know, Love Live! has been releasing music singles for some time now that include video footage not shown in the anime. Here are the previews released by Lantis on their official youtube channel. I also included some unofficial links, don't miss out!

If you are wondering where the recent bathing suit figures are coming from, it's from the 3rd single.

love live! μ's 6th single

love live! μ's 5th

unofficial full link

love live! μ's 4th single

unofficial full link

love live! μ's 3rd single

unofficial full link

love live! μ's 2nd single

unofficial full link

love live! μ's 1st single

unofficial full link

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Railgun S

shoop da woop
I'm a chargin' mah lazer

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mashiroiro Symphony Sena Airi Volks figure

hand painted though it's a recast
Volks does not sell it's figures outside of Japan and only at conventions
such a shame, oh well

Airi is my favorite character followed by Sakuno, the sister who wears the blue dress. What I like most about this series is the very beginning where they all first meet. The anime is good in regards that it tries to cover all the routes in the PC game. However, in america it was released as a down-scaled DVD so I recommend you not buy it. There is a PSP game you can buy and lots of other official merchandise.

different angle
瀬名 愛理

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday, April 12, 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013

Watch The Devil is a Part-Timer! Immediately!

You can watch this show on Funimation network for free.
Watch it NOW!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Murphy's Law and shipping from JAPAN

My accel world collection is growing.
I do not have a silver crow figma yet, maybe I should get one to hold the other characters.
scarlet rain and black lotus I had purchased earlier.
the two kuroyukihime's and a few other nendroids arrived today.

anyway, the turth is, this is how the box arrived

this was shipped EMS and it cost almost 60$!
I expect the random SAL shipment to be crushed, but EMS? idk.

of course, out of all 6 items inside, the damage happened right where you would expect it.
According to Murphy's Law, the most expensive item in your shipment from Japan will always be damaged.

the big crack in the shipping box was right there on the bottom right corner.
middle center right is also caved in.

bottom right corner is far more damaged than pictures shows.
middle left again, caved in.

everything inside seems to be Ok, though.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is BEST figma

anime transcends recessions.
at least, until I can't pay my cable bill and my internet is turned off.

Here we have two rare figmas.
Kamineko, a special order
and Nyaruko-san

I don't know why the nyaruko figma is so rare. You think they would have known it would be a high seller. Why did they print so few of them in the initial run? I do not know. One thing is obvious, they released way too many items this past winter, so it could be they were just in a rush. If that is the case, perhaps we will see a second printing soon. With the second season announced, I had a gut feeling I should have bought more... oh well.

For some unexplained reason, after the To aru Majutsu movie came out this spring, there has been a run on the misaka imouto figma. The asking price is now double the MSRP, lol.

the mawaru penguindrum figma is a BEHEMOTH.
I cannot think of a bigger figma box, it is even larger than the strike witches.
sadly, it is not a very fun figma.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

aniplex of america

that's what she said.

JDM anime
trick it out, yo.
tengen toppa gurren lagann

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

more rinne no lagrange nendoroid

Rinne no Lagrange

crazy faces

why Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne is best nendoroid

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good smile nendoroid more clip is bad and suction cup update

Why buy a nendoroid more good smile clip? 
well, to put a figma on your computer monitor, of course!

but the problem is, they don't fit! At least they don't fit a standard size monitor. I have tested it out on my old gaming monitor 245bw and my work monitor, which is well respected as one of the best monitors, a dell U2410. the nendoroid clip fits neither. Considering that newer monitors now come in a 'slim version' perhaps this is no longer an issue. I wish they would have taken this into consideration.

this is the top of the monitor
doesn't quite fit

side view
shows just how big the gap is

honestly, even if the clip did 'fit' I would have second thoughts about using it. The clip spring is seriously tight. I mean like hercules tight!

By the way, the suction cup in the top image is not stuck on the monitor, it is just there for counter balance. Kirino is free floating and there is a chance she could fall off. I would also like interchangeable suction cup sizes. I do not wish to stick the suction cup onto the LCD panel, but if it was half the size it would easily stick to the side of the monitor. 

_____ Suction cup update! ____

Akemi has had no problems floating since I stuck her on!
flying like a champ!

I forgot to mention when using the suction cup DO NOT stick the cup directly into the figma~!

take the end off your figma stand

and place it on the end of the suction cup, before attaching your figma!
if you do not do this, there is a chance you will damage the figmas mounting hole in her body making it loose when using the regular stand in the future. 

____ random items arrived!____

Got some more figmas in, but I sold them 
Guilty Crown figma
Dog days Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois
strike witches Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen

nyaruko nendoroid
Rise Kujikawa Persona 4 beach queens wave

vtfedit error: invalid image face count

if you are getting this error it means while 'importing' you must set the file as 'animated texture' 
see screen shot above

Friday, March 22, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

Do you even dunk, O'nii-chan?

Yes, I does.


: (

I turned these into TF2 sprays.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vocaloid makes everything better

Vocaloid makes everything better.
(even the BackStreet Boys)_

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nendoroid More: Suction cup Stand endurance test

Nendoroid More suction cup and clip stands

Good Smile recently released a clip stand to work with your nendoroids. That's great because nendoroids always fall over with the terrible stands that come with them and even the newer revision ones are not so hot. 
however, all that is now alleviated as your characters can now fly through the air!

The stands come in many different colors, including the new orange.
Why did they not make a BLACK stand, first? I don't know... I guess the Japanese like Pink which is similar to the color fish cake in their Ramen...

These clips are designed for nendoroids though they come with different adapters and can work with figmas. However, the fit is really tight and might even be damaging, so use with caution and at your own risk.

The cabinet above is made of wood and Akemi's total air time was.... about 5mins... Then, she fell down, plop. So, here we go folks! I have now stuck Puella Magica's Akemi Homura Figma onto a more suitable flat and pristine surface, the side of my computer case!

How long will Akemi's flight time be? Only time will tell! 
See you in a week!

Penguin Parade Petitkko

These are really cute. They are smaller than a nendoroid and highly detailed. Sadly, they are not very popular. It could be the MSRP price was too high, at around 2700¥ that is more than some nendoroids.
Sometimes these are called petitko, puchikos, pettankos, puchimas, so many different brands out there now.

The blue one, Cecilia Alcott, is the rarest but can be easily found though you may have to pay double.
Alot of these are on sale at various online distributors so check them out in your favorite store's sales section.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Too many Figmas in this world!

The holiday shopping season is over, but for some reason I just wouldn't know it. I got at least 5 orders coming from japan and they are mostly boxes full of figmas!

Why figmas? I just don't know. Maybe because they are sleek and slim? Usually they capture the characters qualties well? (not *cough* figma kuroneko *cough*) Or maybe there are just too many generic nendoroids going around. Yes, many nendoroids are generic, they don't even use the correct character facial expressions anymore. Why would you make a nendoroid of an angry character and not include with it an angry face... I just don't understand what some people are thinking. 

Interestingly, I don't own a PSP!
but that's Ok, because I seen all the video game footage on youtube... lol. 
I just wanted the toys.

some of these are duplicates

two yunikos are better than one, right?

Some random beach queens
I don't really like beach queens much
the designs are nice but the final product seems a little cheap in quality
I have the full set of infinite stratos petittkos coming and a Rise beach queen

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chieko Honda Passes Away

Voice actress for Konomi's mother, Yuzuhara Haruka, recently passed away due to cancer. Other notable roles would be Meroko in Full Moon o Sagashite, Puru and Puru 2 in ZZ gundam, and Amu Fanneria 'Fa' from L-gaim.

Nisemonogatari Blu-ray Aniplex of America USA

Nisemonogatari Blu-ray

Here is what the american release looks like. Compared to the first anime series, this show is not held in high regard. However, personally, I prefer Nisemonogatari more. I happen to be a Karen fan and me and Kaiki are like best buddies. Bakemonogatari is good, but there be a whole lotta talkin' going on. 

This is the back of the box.
geh... So ugly!

Normally, I do not open anime I have seen for collecting purposes,
but the back insert was ugly so I had to remove it and this is what the actual box looks like.

back of the disc case jackets

Many people have been wondering if the commentaries would be included since the box was not labeled to include them. I only watched the second disc but I did not see any secondary audio tracks. However, after episode previews of the next episode are included which cannot be found on crunchyroll. For instance, Kaiki complains his cell phone is broken and he now needs to buy a new 'smart' phone. However, he does not understand why people call them smart phones if they are not smart. It is mostly just dialogue with a few still frames.