Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Can you tell what's going on here?

I'm sure all the big To Heart 2 fans will see it right away. Yes! We have Megane-Ko and Pettan-Ko! It's a shame that the original sculpt of Yuma did not come with glasses. The original production was quite a long time ago and accessories were not really economical at the time I guess. Or maybe the artist was not a Yuma fan; I sure hope not! These glasses belong to Charu, btw. Do you consider Ikuno Pettan? Or you prefer to think of her as Tsun-dere?

If you have not heard, right now is having a big sale. A few nice To Heart 2 figures are on sale for under 20$ USD. Notably, Yochi and Charu. You can also pick up the maid version of Manaka for about 35$. HLJ and Hobby Search are also having a figure sale. I was able to pick up a Sasara along with Shiro from Fortune Arterial. They should arrive sometime next week.