Monday, December 15, 2008

Have you heard of Nicomimi?

Most people know what nico douga is, but do you know what nicomimi is?

Nicomimi is a place for people to share music. Most of the nico douga video songs can be found here in MP3 format.

You can search by entering the nico douga video number "sm____" or by entering a key word or theme in the google search bar at the very top. Most searchs need to be in Japanese text but there are plenty of series that use English, such as, To Heart 2! I like to search for the numerous Touhou remixes.

Well what if I can't find the song I want on Nicomimi? I guess Potato can teach you the 'underhanded' method. First you will need to be able to download videos from Nico Douga or other flash video sites. Try downloadhelper, a firefox add on.

Next you will need to extract the music. An amazing program is called FLV_extract. Just open FLV_extract, drag and drop your FLV video into it, and wall-ah! All done! Now you can listen to Lucky Star Douga wherever you go!