Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tokimeki Memorial Bargain!

Tokimeki Memorial is one of the first console dating sims that was released wayy back, maybe 15 years ago, on the PC engine also know as the turbo graphx 16 CD in NA.

Last year another rendition of the series was released in anime form. The show has a decent story with good animation quality. But is it worth buying? Well, not since it is only R2 DVD in Japan without english subtitles atm. However, I came across a good deal recently for the series.

Right now on Ebay you can pick up volumes 1-8 special editions for the low price of 10$ each.

That is a steal considering they each sold for around 65$ originally. There are 9 volumes in all so you will have to fork over a bit more for the last box in the series.

Why would you want to buy the Japanese release you ask? Well, the chances of the show being released in NA is a bit low right now. Besides, the boxes are very pretty and great to add to any fans collection.


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