Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Murphy's Law and shipping from JAPAN

My accel world collection is growing.
I do not have a silver crow figma yet, maybe I should get one to hold the other characters.
scarlet rain and black lotus I had purchased earlier.
the two kuroyukihime's and a few other nendroids arrived today.

anyway, the turth is, this is how the box arrived

this was shipped EMS and it cost almost 60$!
I expect the random SAL shipment to be crushed, but EMS? idk.

of course, out of all 6 items inside, the damage happened right where you would expect it.
According to Murphy's Law, the most expensive item in your shipment from Japan will always be damaged.

the big crack in the shipping box was right there on the bottom right corner.
middle center right is also caved in.

bottom right corner is far more damaged than pictures shows.
middle left again, caved in.

everything inside seems to be Ok, though.