Monday, May 17, 2010

Let's make some Gunpla!

It's been about 10 years since I last built any gundam kits. I honestly do not really like anything super robot anymore. But after watching three hundred and thirteen episodes of Keroro Gunsou I now have the urge to build something great!

Of course, if I am going to place an order to Japan I might as well pick up a few other odds and ends that I can't get anywhere else. The Hayate no Gotoku! Nagi figure was priced very reasonably and looks like a great pose as well. Sadly the quality is quite low as it is one of those sega prize toys like the ones you see in UFO catchers and such. But still, great for Hayate fans to have.

I plan to build the Keroro kits over the next few months and airbrush them. I have some real high expectations that something great is going to happen. In the mean time, I'll have a few fun pics of new figures I have been getting in and maybe a review or two.