Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nichijou is Great-oh! anime


Now that the second half of the series has started it all makes sense. I am glad I stuck with this show because it definitely has something to offer that you cannot find anywhere else. Nano goes to school. How did I not see this coming? Every maid robo goes to school. Without a doubt, I used to think Nano and the professor were just a side story that detracted from the main appeal of the show, but now I am totally on the other side of the fence. I love Nano in her school girl outfit. It is just so darn cute I cannot get enough of it. These four characters together is like a match made in heaven. I kid you not, the opportunity here is golden.
Did I mention how cute Nano is? She is really cute. She is so cute. The cuteness is like really cute. It is exploding cuteness. 

Nano in her school uniform, it is like a whole new world of cuteness waiting to be explored.  I want her. I must have her. I need to be a part of her world. Me and the professor, we are on the same wave length. Because great minds think alike. 

Anyone seen Hanaukyo Maid Tai? 
reminds me of ikuyo's denki-kuns

Let's not forget the supporting cast. They are magnificent in their own right. So many interesting characters. So much is going on that I cannot even remember most of their names. Normally that would be a bad thing, but in this case the sheer greatness of the Nichijou world is just overwhelming. I think we are on the express train because there are no signs of stopping. 

Disheveled! Great-oh!

Let's get one more Tsun-tsun in!