Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sniper Karin is such a nice figure

Such a beautiful figure; the face is perfect. Karin is my favorite To Heart 2 character, after Tamaki, of course. Such a shame, she is always given the role of the fool. The OVA did not bring out most of her charm. Well, I guess the OVAs are generally bad except Sasara's and Kusakabe's.

This is what the top of the box looks like. I'll need to take some more pictures with all of them together. I have a large shipment of figmas and nendoroids coming in. At the end of June some big name items are coming and that really excites me. This is actually the first figure that I bought that was sold and shipped by amazon. That is a wonderful thing. Kotobukiya can get very expensive. If they can by bulk and pass on the savings, I'm all for that. Normally when I buy figures off amazon it is from a 3rd party seller.

Also, got a Lynette Bishop. I'm not really a strike witches fan. I saw one episode and it just didn't interest me. Girls flying around in their underwear with puppy dog tails, been there, done that.The toys are fun though.