Monday, November 24, 2008

Nintendo hacks Animal Crossing

Sort of.

In the recent game City Folk for Wii, Nintendo included a nice feature where you can adjust time on the fly. This is great, especially for me, since I have better things to do on my holidays then to log into Animal Crossing and marathon four hours straight.

However, one thing they neglected to compensate for was the online disparity. We all know the online play is pretty sad and many of us were offended with Nintendo's friend code garbage. There is no real 'City' in City folk. But what if one person was able to 'exist' at a point in time where goods are commonly available and someone else 'online' is able to coexist at the point where those same goods have become scarce and are being purchased for quadruple the original cost? Like Tom Nook says, it's all about the turnip prices, am I right?
picture from flickr