Saturday, February 23, 2013

Chieko Honda Passes Away

Voice actress for Konomi's mother, Yuzuhara Haruka, recently passed away due to cancer. Other notable roles would be Meroko in Full Moon o Sagashite, Puru and Puru 2 in ZZ gundam, and Amu Fanneria 'Fa' from L-gaim.

Nisemonogatari Blu-ray Aniplex of America USA

Nisemonogatari Blu-ray

Here is what the american release looks like. Compared to the first anime series, this show is not held in high regard. However, personally, I prefer Nisemonogatari more. I happen to be a Karen fan and me and Kaiki are like best buddies. Bakemonogatari is good, but there be a whole lotta talkin' going on. 

This is the back of the box.
geh... So ugly!

Normally, I do not open anime I have seen for collecting purposes,
but the back insert was ugly so I had to remove it and this is what the actual box looks like.

back of the disc case jackets

Many people have been wondering if the commentaries would be included since the box was not labeled to include them. I only watched the second disc but I did not see any secondary audio tracks. However, after episode previews of the next episode are included which cannot be found on crunchyroll. For instance, Kaiki complains his cell phone is broken and he now needs to buy a new 'smart' phone. However, he does not understand why people call them smart phones if they are not smart. It is mostly just dialogue with a few still frames.