Monday, April 1, 2013

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is BEST figma

anime transcends recessions.
at least, until I can't pay my cable bill and my internet is turned off.

Here we have two rare figmas.
Kamineko, a special order
and Nyaruko-san

I don't know why the nyaruko figma is so rare. You think they would have known it would be a high seller. Why did they print so few of them in the initial run? I do not know. One thing is obvious, they released way too many items this past winter, so it could be they were just in a rush. If that is the case, perhaps we will see a second printing soon. With the second season announced, I had a gut feeling I should have bought more... oh well.

For some unexplained reason, after the To aru Majutsu movie came out this spring, there has been a run on the misaka imouto figma. The asking price is now double the MSRP, lol.

the mawaru penguindrum figma is a BEHEMOTH.
I cannot think of a bigger figma box, it is even larger than the strike witches.
sadly, it is not a very fun figma.