Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nendoroid More: Suction cup Stand endurance test

Nendoroid More suction cup and clip stands

Good Smile recently released a clip stand to work with your nendoroids. That's great because nendoroids always fall over with the terrible stands that come with them and even the newer revision ones are not so hot. 
however, all that is now alleviated as your characters can now fly through the air!

The stands come in many different colors, including the new orange.
Why did they not make a BLACK stand, first? I don't know... I guess the Japanese like Pink which is similar to the color fish cake in their Ramen...

These clips are designed for nendoroids though they come with different adapters and can work with figmas. However, the fit is really tight and might even be damaging, so use with caution and at your own risk.

The cabinet above is made of wood and Akemi's total air time was.... about 5mins... Then, she fell down, plop. So, here we go folks! I have now stuck Puella Magica's Akemi Homura Figma onto a more suitable flat and pristine surface, the side of my computer case!

How long will Akemi's flight time be? Only time will tell! 
See you in a week!

Penguin Parade Petitkko

These are really cute. They are smaller than a nendoroid and highly detailed. Sadly, they are not very popular. It could be the MSRP price was too high, at around 2700¥ that is more than some nendoroids.
Sometimes these are called petitko, puchikos, pettankos, puchimas, so many different brands out there now.

The blue one, Cecilia Alcott, is the rarest but can be easily found though you may have to pay double.
Alot of these are on sale at various online distributors so check them out in your favorite store's sales section.