Friday, April 13, 2012

kotobukiya kuroneko summer memories is so small

For quite a while I had been waiting for this figure release. When I saw the production model I thought it was a definite buy. I did not order kirino, though I almost did.

here is what the box looks like.

This figure is 1/8th scale and is very small. I usually don't pay attention to figure scale but I was not expecting such a little box. I prefer the sizes to be uniform, but I guess different sculptors have different goals. This figure is literally the same height as a nendoroid. Here is my kuroneko family:

close up of the faces some

EDIT: other pictures


james said...

I purchased this figure not long ago and i'm trying to find out if i've got a bootleg or not - From what I can see on most of the trusted sellers like HobbySearch there are little defects in most of these figures, however mine seems to have a few defects that I can't find pictures of on the internet.
Can you tell me if your figure has perfect paintwork where her legs connect (at her left knee)?
Were there any stickers on your box? Mine has one small, round, red/white one on the front but I expected some kind of holographic one (There's one on the box of my Max Factory Asuka).
I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know :)

Potatochobit said...

hmm, that's not a good sign.
kotobukiya figures are usually very clean.

do you remember where you bought the figure? I have not heard of a bootleg of this figure but I do know it is on backorder and slightly rare. It is possible you have a real one that was just rushed through production.

there are a copule ways to tell if you have a bootleg. When you open the box, there will be a very strong paint smell. The outerbox will be made out of flimsy carboard, it won't hold it's shape well.

inside, all kotobukiya figures are wrapped in sheets of sticky plastic. except for the face, the rest of the figure should have this plastic covering around it.

the stand should be the reddish color and include the card sheet. I have attached some more pictures to the blog post. there was no holographic sticker on the back or sides.

James said...

Thanks for getting back to me :)

I recently bought the figure off of an Amazon seller (which I won't name and shame, atleast until I hear back from them), which seemed to be a good seller from their feedback - They're in Japan.

There wasn't any paint smell in the box, but I think I've figured out what's happened.
The figure was listed as new, but the box looked like it had been opened and then re-sealed with tape.
What I'm thinking is that someone may have tried to prise her legs open (strange, but it would explain why the paintwork split and I can't think of another explanation), realised that they damaged it and then sealed it up and sold it to this amazon seller.

She was wrapped in the normal plastic sheets and the stand and card were included, so I think whoever opened it before literally damaged her straight after taking her out the box.

I've sent a message to the seller so should (hopefully) hear back soon.

Thank you for your help :)